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What are steroids?

How do they affect the human body? Where did anabolic steroids first appear? Are there any safe steroids that can help you gain muscle without causing damage?

Today we have prepared a material for you in which we will tell you everything about steroids! You will find information on the history of their appearance, use in medicine and sports, reviews and even the ranking of the best anabolic drugs.

What are steroids?

In general, anabolic steroids are chemicals that can accelerate protein synthesis within the cells of the human body, resulting in increased muscle growth. The original purpose of the release of these substances was the use of steroids in medicine. They were indispensable for bedridden patients, helping to maintain muscle mass in them.

However, over time, steroids have found use in sports. A huge number of athletes from all over the world resort to steroids, which, in fact, are an artificial formula of testosterone, because they accelerate recovery and increase endurance. If we explain what steroids are in simple terms, then it should be noted that these are anabolic steroids that bring the body into a state similar to adolescent puberty.

First of all, it should be noted that taking anabolic steroids significantly increases muscle volume. Thanks to this, the strength indicators have improved. This is all due to the synthesis of proteins in the muscles, which causes blood flow. It should be noted that usually during any strength training, not only fat is burned, but muscle tissue is destroyed.

After all, the body takes energy for exercise and also from the muscles. Thanks to steroids, which have an anti-catabolic effect, muscle fibers do not degrade. An increase in the stamina of the athlete is also observed. The fact is that anabolic steroids increase the glycogen content in the muscles, which can be called fuel for various physical exercises. Emotional euphoria often appears. This condition makes it easier to endure stressful situations, psycho-emotional stress during competition.


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